Arithmos Cruise on the Oblivion Ocean
In parallel with the Italian Edition Simonelli Editore will publish also an English eBook version of the Arithmòs Cruise
The author is working on Editing the English version of the manuscript.
Arithmòs Cruise  is a true novel because it is written in narrative form and is animated by dramatic pathos. It is philosophical, because its protagonists are not only the human characters with whom it is populated, but also the mathematical ideas, which have been created or revolutionized by these human protagonists.  It is a metaphorical cruise of the ship Arithmòs on the ocean of oblivion. On board the ship there is a theatre and in it are staged XIV Frescos  that bring back to life great men of the past at critical junctures in the historical development of thought and of their human lives. In Fresco VI  in Toledo, XIIth century: "At this point Abraham, who had listened in austere and concentrated silence to what his Christian friend was saying, spoke, saying: << I could tell you that this is what Yahweh wanted, whom our Muslim brothers call Allah and you Christians call Deus Pater, unus et trinus. I could tell you that Yahweh may have willed it this way, because that book contains too much wisdom and that, just as Adam and Eve were driven out of Eden when they wanted to know too much, so Claudius Ptolemy was expelled from libraries because he showed too much pride, before God, with his too vast and rational knowledge. I could tell you all these things, but I won't tell you, my friend! Instead, I will tell you that there is something that man always wants to forget, but that exists and governs the events of history much more than Kings, Emperors, Emirs and Caliphs do! It's called random case......>>”