A Math Idea Historical Course / Un Corso Storico sulle Concezioni Mathematiche

In the last few years of my academic career I gave a special course on the Hystory of Mathematical Conceptions from the times of Plato (IV century B.C.)  to the XXth century. That course given at the University of Torino, mainly in English because open to foreign students went under the official name of Special Relativity, yet had completely different content and its most appropriate title is the following

Mathematics and Physics: a 26 century long marriage

Mother is Philosophy, Technologies are the Children

The lectures of that course, given in pandemic times were registered and after some editing they are now uploaded on YouTube: to watch them click the icon below

The lectures

The main message:

The foundations of our present technological world are rooted in Mathematics, yet it was by no means obvious that Mathematics would develop in the form it did in the Western Civilization. All the mathematical conceptions formed slowly and they might have been different.

The issues treated in this course have been discussed by me also in two books, one more technical, the other literary and narrative

There is also Auxiliary Material on these topics