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October 8th 2023 at the Department of Physics of Torino University a Celebration One-Day Conference was organized for my retirement a link to the talks and structure of that event his provided here below.


At the end of the day I gave a talk to express my gratitude to the organizers and to the speakers that contains some remarks and a lot of pictures at different times of my career, you can see it clicking on the following link:



Early 1980.s with Peter van Nieuwenhuizen on Ferry Boat from Long Island to Connecticut
Early 2000.s in Copenaghen with Riccardo D'Auria, Walter Troost, Dieter Luest and Laura Andrianapoli (one of the EU network conferences)
2006 Villa Mondragone (Rome) with Riccardo D'Auria and Sergio Ferrara on Ferrara's Laurea Honoris Causa Day
2003 in Dubna (Russia) at JINR with Alexander Sorin and his wife Anna