Early 1990s Trieste ICTP. Cerimony for the delivery of the Dirac Medal to Sergio Ferrara.
Early 1980.s Stony Brook (NY, USA) with Peter van Nieuwenhuizen and Riccardo D'Auria in front of the house that we share for a period of two months.
Early 1980.s Stony Brook (NY, USA) with Peter van Nieuwenhuizen, while participating at a running competition.
Middle 1980.s: Los Angeles eating crab at San Pedro with Sergio Ferrara and Fabrizio Palumbo. In the picure are present also my first wife Tiziana and Sergio's wife Rosanna.
2017: With Prof. Tatyana Usacheva of Ivanovo Chemical Technical University in my office at the Embassy just before the expiration of my diplomatic mandate.
2009 : Moscow at a dinner with academicians Sisakyan and Matveev. Behind me Prof.s Coluccia and Cantino from University of Torino and on my side Vice-Rector of Torino Politecnico.